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Changes underway


There’s been lots of changes in the works at the studio, I’ve just launched my new website and in line with that I’ve moved the location and direction of my blog.

I’ve started an exciting new project that resonates deeply with me, it’s called Connections. It’s about Affinity. Closeness. Longing for connection.


These shared experiences are what elevate our lives beyond mere existence. Good or bad, they are the muse for poetry, the rhythm of music, and the ‘heart’ in our heart. This body of work is about exploring just that: our humanity seen through how we connect with something outside ourselves. That moment when we bare our souls and open our hearts.

I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you on my new blog:




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“one thing leads to another”

These images are part of a series based on playing with the ideas of perception, truth and image.

The subject was actually a tower of found objects, such as buttons, plastic, bottles, fabric, and wire. Junk in other words.

By not photographing the junk but photographing the reflections and refractions of light onto and off the subject, we perceive a very different reality. Our point of view (specifically how the light sees and reacts to the objects) determines what we take away from our encounter.

Junk as beauty. One thing leads to another. Where one person sees junk another sees beauty.






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What makes a (Shanghai) home?

What makes a home or a community? The people, shared interests, the neighbourhood?

On a recent visit to Shanghai I wandered around an area being demolished to make way for new high-rise apartments. Buildings were left in various states of demolition, remnants of life still evident amongst graffiti, and even people still living in some areas.

An eerie beauty presided over the buildings left behind. Perhaps this was due to the infused memories of life, love and the dramas that they have seen.



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Seeing With Our Heart

We observe with our eyes but sometimes we see with our heart. The natural world has a way of connecting with something inside us, and a power of expression beyond the man-made.
Perhaps we can view it with our own filters and take from it what we need. Light, dark, fear, hope, uncertainty, warmth. 2015_06_0Y4A8819
These images were taken soon after finding out my mother had just been diagnosed with late stage cancer. We had just arrived in Mexico and felt very far away. 2015_06_0Y4A8822
I find our connection with the natural world sometimes seems so in-tune with our human connections. 2015_06_0Y4A8887-1
Or is it that our internal world dictates how we relate to the world around us?2015_06_0Y4A8901-2
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Winter harvest

Part two: colour and tone, theme and variations, chiaroscuro.


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Part one: colour and tone, theme and variations, chiaroscuro.



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Reflection of light

As a photographer I am continually mesmerised by light, how it falls, the form it takes etc. With these shots I experimented with reflecting light and expressing light as a colour, and an object .

The results have an ephemeral beauty, and lushness to them. We ‘feel’ the light.

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Reflection and transparency

I’ve been exploring transparency and reflection recently; the relationship between the subject and medium, the meaning and the means.  My goal was to express colour as light, and show the luminous nature of light. These photos were all created in camera (not photoshop). Hopefully after the art babble above, the results are interesting photographs.

Clouds reflecting on waterSeascape reflectionsThe sky reflecting the waterCloud reflections

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The Eye Of The Beholder


The International Color Awards are always an interesting mix of images. I’m chuffed to say I won 2nd place in the Merit of Excellence in the People category. Yippee!

Beach Side Qingdao

Beach Side Qingdao – 2nd Place Prize / Merit of Excellence for the People Category

The entries for the Colour Awards come from 79 countries across the globe so as they say at the Oscars, “its an honour to be nominated.”  I’m excited to share that I received 7 nominations across 4 categories, the details are below. Its always difficult to predict what the judges are looking for so the selection of what to enter is sometimes half the battle.

Bronte - Nominee in People

Bronte – Nominee in People

Swimmer - Nominee in Sport

Swimmer – Nominee in Sport

Beneath the Surface1 - Nominee in Abstract Category

Beneath the Surface1 – Nominee in Abstract Category

Beneath the Surface 2 - Nominee in Abstract

Beneath the Surface 2 – Nominee in Abstract

Journey  - Nominee in People

Journey – Nominee in People

Wingside - Nominee in Aerial

Wingside – Nominee in Aerial

In Transit - Nominee in People

In Transit – Nominee in People

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