Creating Beauty

I love this quote by Frederick Mayer: “We become creative when we realise the infinite possibilities within us, and when we understand that our function is not merely to exist but to contribute to life, to improve it, and to make it more meaningful to others.”

I was able to spend some time chatting with my good friend Lynda Howitt in her studio not far from New York recently. The cross fertilisation of ideas, making connections from different sensory inputs, exploring different views and metaphors for a subject with her was refreshing.

Lynda’s beautiful abstract art work lets our imaginations soar with their emotional intensity, feeling to me what the chemistry of attraction might look like. I’m inspired to create some more beautiful abstract seascapes. I think a week at a little shack on a remote coastline somewhere would be perfect! Any suggestions for where?



About christianmushenko

Photographer who specializes in people and food. I also shoot fine art seascapes and am represented in NY by June Bateman Fine Art. Watch this space for the space between the photos the rest of the world sees.
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6 Responses to Creating Beauty

  1. A beautiful post Christian, and lovely shots.

  2. You Sir are – as always a Legend! That said God has everything under control. Do as we may, He has our backs – as it were. I believe you know that. So, mate keep shooting love your work.
    BTW when are you next coming to SA? Love Danny & Innez.

  3. Nick says:

    Not so much as a shack on the coast of Rhode Island, but some scenic places to photo.Good surf. Also the coast of Main ( longest coastline in the USA). Upper Main with the blue water and white foam is beautiful. High cliffs, windy and cold at times. Too cold to swim here for us old folks.
    Nick M

  4. thanks Nick, I’m sure there are lots of places there. I think Angela and I need to come back for a year or two… 😉

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