To be or not to be…

After my recent trip through Europe, I started wondering why it is that we take so many photos of ourselves? One answer on google was: “because ppl have a right to see this sexy body of mine!”   Hmm….not quite, but perhaps a kernel of truth in there.


Facebook would agree that we love to show photos where we’re doing interesting things, in exotic places, with the people we love.



I know personally that some of my earliest memories are from my parents slides of migrations around the world or in the backyard. All tinted with the nostalgic glow of old technology and the charm of a simpler time.


Maybe this is the answer; we are building our own history, creating our own reality and carving out our personality. Selectively with social media we are really then sharing a polished persona with the world.


selfiemyselfieI enjoy the ability to share experiences with my friends and especially enjoy the connection that comes from sharing a bit of who I am. But even more, I enjoy the deeper connection that comes from sharing something meaningful, something intimate, vulnerable and important to me, as I do in close friendships.

What do you think? What would you like to share with this world?

About christianmushenko

Photographer who specializes in people and food. I also shoot fine art seascapes and am represented in NY by June Bateman Fine Art. Watch this space for the space between the photos the rest of the world sees.
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10 Responses to To be or not to be…

  1. Carla says:

    Some beautifully captured observations Mr Mushenko! Loving the analysis! We are ego driven creatures after all. I like to share little fragments of my crazy world, the interesting people I come across, the light that inspires me, the colours & scenes that lift my spirits…and sometimes just a to show off a new haircut! 😉

  2. Kim Kohen says:

    It was going good until you got to those senior citizens at the end… Memories of that old tech glow makes me wish Kodachrome was still around.

  3. Tash Cordell says:

    I like to share achievements, because to see another person react to it, and particularly be inspired by it, makes me more amazed that I did it 😉

  4. Nick Mushenko says:

    How lucky that you guys have a job that gives you so much travel and enjoyment. Chris, you do need to shave. I should talk, I now sport a full white beard.

  5. I agree with you C. Now what would I like to share with the world? well I will keep you posted Sir!

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