Back to the Basics

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m doing a Masters in Art at COFA. I’m really enjoying the art history and the research into contemporary art practices. I am finding that art is like philosophy. It’s there to ask a question, get the viewer thinking. It is not necessarily about creating a beautiful piece to hang on your wall.

With my personal work I am finding that I want to jump in and execute an idea. What’s interesting for me is trying to come from a more conceptual space to start with, and then think outside the box more and create work that is less obvious or literal, more thought provoking! Not too easy when you have in your mind to start with what you want to shoot!! We’ll see where it takes me.

So in saying that here are some pretty pictures 😉 I would love to know what they evoke in you!

About christianmushenko

Photographer who specializes in people and food. I also shoot fine art seascapes and am represented in NY by June Bateman Fine Art. Watch this space for the space between the photos the rest of the world sees.
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5 Responses to Back to the Basics

  1. Kevin says:

    I find it’s nearly the same in my job as a CD. You have to think about the conceptual first and then let that expand into the actual form…..of whatever that may be to express the concept best. What do I want people to think feel and do when they experience the concept.
    I studied art history for a year and realised how Uncreative I was. It was the start for me to begin thinking in a different way as well. And you put it right. It is is about a philosophy to spark an emotion rather than just a pretty object.
    Pictures are great as always.
    Hope you are well

  2. Taradale Studios says:

    Great shots Mr Mushenko very nice and No I didn’t know you were doing a masters in Fine Art. Cheers Danny Danny Blackman Taradale Studios 99 Grand Blvd, Seaford Rise SA 5169 Ph: 08 8386 0888 Mob: 041 226 8829 Email: Web:

  3. Taradale Studios says:

    I’ll get back to you on my response. Just got home mate Danny Blackman Taradale Studios 99 Grand Blvd, Seaford Rise SA 5169 Ph: 08 8386 0888 Mob: 041 226 8829 Email: Web:

  4. Nick M. says:

    AS always your pictures take away the turmoil of today and give me the peacefull feeling and slowing down of my hectic life. I will need this to reach 78.

  5. Thanks guys,
    Nick I think you’ll reach 78 in great form! What’s planned for the 80th!?
    Kevin, must skype! I’m crap at sitting down and writing a long email! Congrats!!!!!!!

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