Tips for for shooting inside Parliament

I know what you’re thinking…. is this the new female speaker for the South Australian Parliament? One would hope that’s what this young lady is doing here but alas, no!

Whilst I was off shooting the Honorable Bob Such MP on the steps of the SA Parliament, instead of doing her job, my assistant was sitting in the speaker’s chair in the Chamber of Parliament taking photos of herself!  Luckily security found it amusing and have seen a lot worse.

On a more serious note, Angela was a great assistant and we got some wonderful images for an inspiring book project we are working on with the team at Ethical Strategies. Details soon to be released!~

About christianmushenko

Photographer who specializes in people and food. I also shoot fine art seascapes and am represented in NY by June Bateman Fine Art. Watch this space for the space between the photos the rest of the world sees.
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5 Responses to Tips for for shooting inside Parliament

  1. stephen michael mushenko says:

    I always knew Angela was ” the Speaker of the house ” and ” The Whip ” and even,sometimes
    ” The Leader of The Opposition “. I even have had a few censure motions, from her,
    they were well deserved tho.

  2. stephen michael mushenko says:

    I, the member from BROKE, shall now resume his seat.

  3. Jenny says:

    Great shot Angela, you look like you belong there. Doesn’t look like you’re ‘slacking off’ at all!

  4. Nick says:

    I almost jumped out of my chair when I recognised Angela in the chair. Then read the comments. By the way great shot of you on the steps.

  5. Gosh Angela, that chair truly looks like it was made for you. Great to see you both
    last week! x

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