Camera Tips for Shooting Flare

A magical evening at Dee Why beach yesterday.  I had some fun with flare as you can see.

I was recently asked how I achieve this, so here are a few tips;

Technical: I shoot wide open using the lowest aperture my lens will allow (usually f 1.2) and I often shoot in Aperture Priority mode (AV) and underexpose by a stop.

Composition: Compose your shot with the sun directly behind your subject. I love capturing the sun’s reflections bouncing off different surfaces,  flare into the lens, and  different textures and contrast it produces.  Also the way the sun back lights and interacts with my subject adds extra magic!

I’d love to see any shots you take. Happy shooting!

About christianmushenko

Photographer who specializes in people and food. I also shoot fine art seascapes and am represented in NY by June Bateman Fine Art. Watch this space for the space between the photos the rest of the world sees.
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5 Responses to Camera Tips for Shooting Flare

  1. I’ll have to try this. Lovely result!

  2. stephen michael mushenko says:

    YOU’VE got flare !!!!!!!!! signed Big Juan.

  3. Kevin says:

    I’ve always loved your beach shots Christian.
    Great blog by the way.
    Have you given up Balmoral for Dee Why??

  4. very nice, can’t wait to try it!

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